Positivity in a Bad Mood

I was in a bad mood yesterday (I still am) and yet I came up with this tweet:


As soon as I tweeted it I thought “how can I write something so positive when I’m feeling so negative?”

That’s when I realized that I held a flawed belief that a lot of people probably also have – that positive, strong people are always positive and strong.

Well if 2013 showed me anything it’s that I can go a long time without being either positive or strong. But I can keep going.

The difference between success and disappointment is that even in the darkest, loneliest, most depressed times, successful people find that little bit of positivity to pull them up from the abyss. Tweeting what I did, didn’t suddenly make me smile and look out the window of the train with a renewed perspective. I was still in a bad mood but I knew it would pass and I would emerge stronger.

I may not always be happy but I know that I can’t let that stop me. I have to keep moving even if the progress is slow.

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Always Happy Never Satisfied

Moving goal

An interesting thing happened today. I was looking over some old posts from a blog I used to run years ago. I found a post that reminded me of a concept I write about in my book, What Next A Proactive Approach to Success. Called “Moving Targets” it lamented the fact that once you think you’ve reached a goal you sometimes find out that the definition isn’t what you thought – the target moved.

What was really interesting was the language I used. A sentence I wrote back then is almost exactly a sentence I write in What Next, and is almost word for word what someone I interviewed for the book said in response to one of my questions. During the research phase of writing the book I interviewed an entrepreneur named Scott Loughmiller and I asked him a question I often get asked. “What do you say when people ask you why you’re never happy, question why you’re constantly moving from one idea to another?”

Loughmiller responded by saying, “When someone asks me why I’m not happy with the way things are, I always say ‘oh, I’m happy, I’m just not content.'”

The sentence in the post from early 2006 was “Actually I’m always happy I’m just not satisfied.”

In the book I talk about purposefully moving targets, that once you reach a goal you set a new more difficult goal – it’s called progress.

Some people think you should concentrate on the things you do well and outsource the things you don’t and, to some extent, I agree. But no one is perfect, so even the things you’re good at can stand improvement. To me that’s what not being satisfied is all about. Looking for ways to improve yourself, your skills, your relationships, anything that can use it.

Are you satisfied? Well get unsatisfied because satisfaction leads to stagnation rather than progress. Share what it is you are not satisfied with and how you’re going to improve.

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