My Gullible Gut

Trust Your GutHow many times have you heard the phrase “go with your gut” or “trust your gut?” I used to think that way myself but I stopped a long time ago. Why? Because my gut is really gullible, my gut would believe anything!

I’ve never met a business idea, an investment, or a person I didn’t like, at least not at first. It’s called giving people the benefit of the doubt but I’ve changed and now try to give myself the benefit of doubting. I’ve become more careful, with a need to research and investigate before making a decision. That’s a good thing. If more of us investigated, asked the hard questions, then I’m sure our win rate would increase.

For someone like me who is optimistic and sees the benefit rather than the risk, balance is necessary. I have that balance in my wife, Julie. Sometimes I think she goes too far to the other extreme, skeptical and pessimistic about everything, and I mean everything, but I need that.

As I begin the investigation phase of my latest What Next venture, I present the positive aspects and Julie shoots them down. She has really good aim. If I can convince her, then I’m sure I’ve thought of everything, looked at every option, and can be confident that we should continue moving forward.

How is your gut? (I’m not asking if you have a six pack or not) Do you adhere to the adage, go with your gut? Let me know in the comments area below.

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