How Big is Your Yacht

I wanted to get to the boat show in Atlantic City as early as possible on Sunday to avoid the long lines I knew would form to board the largest yachts there. Everyone wants to see what it’s like on these yachts, to imagine what it would be like to own a million dollar plus yacht.

Standing at the helm

I’m standing on the top deck of a 48ft. yacht.

Shortly after the show opened there was a long line of people waiting to get on board two yachts. The line continued to grow throughout the day.

How many people in line could actually afford the 1 million dollar plus price tag? Not many, I’m sure. If they could afford it, if they were serious about making a purchase, they wouldn’t be waiting in line. I’m sure of that.

So why bother, why stand in line just to look at something that is so far out of reach that it is an impossibility? Because we all dream! It’s why people buy lottery tickets.

The yacht I’m standing on in motion. No I’m not on it in this picture.

In What Next I start a chapter called “Inspiration, Motivation, and Drive” with one possibility for why people who can’t afford a yacht go and look at it anyway. Seeing what could be if we were rich inspires us to work toward that goal, motivates us to work harder, and, maybe, provides the drive to keep going no matter what. At least that’s the theory.

In practice what I hear (and have often said) is, “It must be nice.”

Yes it must be, but that statement is defeatist. Why not say “This will be nice.” Why not, rather than lament that you’ll never have the yacht, devise a plan that will lead to a future with the yacht?

Not everyone is going to be as shallow as I’m sounding right now. It’s not always about the money. I’m using a yacht as a metaphor for anything you want, anything you desire. Rather than say “it would be nice” – work for it. Figure out a way to get there and start moving.

Mark Zuckerberg didn’t say, “It sure would be nice if someone started a website where people could share updates throughout the day, post pictures, and connect with friends old and new.” He created Facebook.

What are you going to do to reach your goal and not just talk about the what ifs in life? What is your first step toward your future? How big will your yacht be?

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The Fun of Discovery

Learning new things is fun. I may not have had that attitude in school but I wasn’t in control of what I was learning, just whether I was learning. Being in control of your own destiny elevates learning from a requirement to a desire. Now I investigate what interests me. I often have preconceived notions but I’ll still investigate and learn before making a final decision.

As I try to get the word out about my book I’ve turned to the various and ever expanding social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Of those I felt Twitter was, well, stupid. What kind of updates would I post and who would care? Why 140 characters? It just seemed kind of stupid. But I tried anyway. One aspect of Twitter that puzzled me was the hashtags (words preceded by the # symbol). I didn’t get it.

Learning how to use each social media app has been interesting but when discovery surprises you, turns a prejudice around, that’s really cool. It turns out that Twitter is the most social of the social media, with the most active users, but also the most robust conversations (in 140 character or less). Those hashtags I didn’t understand turned out to be the key to the community of twitter. Using a hashtag and then searching that term allows you to follow conversations in real time as each participant contributes.

So far, and I’m still very new at this, my favorite Tweetchats as these hashtag conversations are called are #leadfromwithin (leadership), #mcchat (personal finance), #wbchat (personal finance), #ubusensations (leadership), and #moolah (personal finance). Check them out. It will be the fastest hour you’ve ever spent online.

It’s still too early to tell whether I’ve sold more books because of my activity on social media but I have gained a lot from the connections I’ve made and that is much more valuable.

Share your favorite tweetchats for others to discover.

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