Recognizing Opportunity and Taking It

Last night was a text book case of recognizing opportunity, connecting the dots, being curious, proactive and getting lucky.

Two weeks ago a speaker at a writer’s conference I was attending mentioned a website called He said it was a site for entrepreneurs¬† to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs. I wrote it down intending to look it up right away. Well, I got busy with my other responsibilities and didn’t go on the site until Wednesday. That was the lucky part.

Posted on the site was a short item that read “Hey NY want to join me for a drink?” The founder of the site, Andrew Warner, was inviting a potentially huge number of people, he has over 28,000 twitter followers and his site is ranked 3,336 in the US, that’s huge.

All I had to do was enter my email address and he would send me the location. The only requirement was to not reveal the location by tweeting it or posting on Facebook.

Here’s how the dots connect so far. My curiosity is why I was interested in the site in the first place. The luck part comes in when I checked the website on the right day.¬† My sense of adventure led me to enter my email to find out the location. Being proactive is the reason I went.

Here’s a video I made on my way there.

Though he said he was keeping it small, there was a large number of people, and networking meant being comfortable enough to insert yourself into a conversation that was already in progress. You had to be aggressive without being rude or obtrusive. Everyone understood because they were in the same situation.

On the successful side I met the founder of who,while still in the early stages, has been through the first round of venture capital financing. I also met Erik Rokeach founder of The site is similar to Mixergy in that Erik interviews fitness experts, rather than tech companies, from a business perspective.

I also met people who want to be entrepreneurs, want to start their own business, but aren’t sure how to start. Ethan was being proactive by going here. Being out of work Ethan wants to take charge of his life and start a business. A soft spoken guy, he told me the best story that illustrates the importance of taking a chance on events like this.

Ethan said the he took his son to the park the other day and was encouraging him to talk to the other kids, to make friends. “I figured if I was telling him to do that,” Ethan told me, “I should be willing to do the same thing. That’s why I came here tonight.”

So the question I have for you is are you going to make friends on the playground of life or are you going to be a spectator? The decision is yours.

Here’s the video I recorded after the event.

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