Dream Income

No I’m not going to show you how to have a dream income, instead I’m going to rail against those who make money doing nothing but selling you a dream.

SunsetDreamI don’t respect people who sell nothing but hope and dreams. These are the people who come up with inspirational quotes, who make you believe you can do anything, that all you need is the confidence and belief in yourself. They tout mystical and mythical things like The Secret and “laws” of attraction.

I’m thinking of people like Jim Rohn and Anthony (or is it Tony) Robbins, people whose product is inspiration and motivation. I know they have fans Anthony Robbinsand supporters but they don’t impress me. Jim Rohn was an “entrepreneur” who ran a direct sales organization (Nutri-Bio, whatever that is) that went out of business. (Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t be successful at that but then again I’m glad that I can’t sell people useless things they don’t need.)

Instead I’m impressed by people like Gary Vaynerchuk who is not short on inspiration and motivation but who doesn’t make those things his only source of income. On the contrary they are a small portion of his success. His speaking and books are his side hustle not his industry.

Similarly I wrote a book and have my own quotes like the one above and this one: “inspiration without action is just a good intention.” But I don’t want to sell you the dream of success, I want you to be motivated by the realization of my dreams as I am by the realization of Gary Vaynerchuk’s.

Gary_1Gary has great quotes but it’s his business success that I derive energy from. Whether it’s building Wine Library from a bricks and mortar liquor store to a large online retailer, or being an important part of social media with Vayner Media, Gary has built tangible success.

Too many people eat up the inspiration of these salesmen and feel great about themselves while they continue sitting on the sofa safe with their dream of success.

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Dream Crushers

They mean well, the people who crush our dreams. They don’t want to hurt us or demoralize us or depress us, they want to help us, protect us, and save us from our destructive fantasies.Dream

Whether true or just perceived on my part, I have lived my entire life having dreams crushed. Sometimes the naysayers come right out and tell you an idea is crazy, that it will never work, that the risk is simply too big. I think the worst way to have a dream crushed is through silence. Successful people aren’t successful in spite of other people, they are successful because of other people, because of the support and encouragement they receive. When that support is lacking dreams wither and die.

Stop being a dream crusher by offering support for the dreamers in your life. Don’t let them slide with easy answers, hold them accountable, but let them know you’re there and that you care.

Dream Builders

Seek out people who will support you, who will encourage you, who believe in you and build you up. Avoid those that don’t. My problem has been finding the dream builders in real life. I have found wonderful supportive people on Twitter, people like @gingerconsult @Mark_Delvecchio @Simon_GB @MartinaMcGowan and so many more. I find myself spending more time there because of that support and encouragement, the very things I don’t get from the people closest to me. (I can write that because I know they don’t read this blog).


On balance I am very happy with the way things have turned out. Whether the support was there or not I have done many things that I dreamed of and succeeded. I wrote two books and the positive feedback I’ve received makes up for all the silence (thankfully no negative feedback yet).

No matter what I’ll keep dreaming, keep asking what next and if the support is there – great. If I can’t find the support, I know that next time I’ll be stronger for having carried the weight myself.

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Daydreams are not enough

I found this article on the psychology today website and it made me think of a rather strange revelation I make in my book, What Next. I write: “I talk to myself.”

This is different than what this article points out. “A common theme among self-help teachings and new age spiritual ideas, such as The Secret, is that you have the power within you to make your “dreams” come true by focusing your mental energy, your “intent” on them. Then, they will come to you. But some new research claims that doing so can actually make you less likely to achieve what you wish for.”

Focusing your mental energy, or believing something good will happen is nothing short of daydreaming if you ask me. Focus your mental and physical energy on something if you really want it. Believe you can achieve your goals but know you have to work at it too.

In What Next I go on to say that “People who ask “what next” seek out new venues and alternative ways of doing something, and they often visualize themselves in that situation. As I visualize myself in a situation, I rehearse, I talk to myself.”

That is being a whole lot more proactive than simply fantasizing. All that rehearsal does nothing for you unless you actually go out and put that practice to use.

Daydreams are a great start but it’s up to you to make them a reality.

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