ConfuciusNo wise quotes here – it’s confusion not Confucius!

Last week was a very muddled, hectic, and confused week for me, mentally. I think I started writing seven different blog posts but finished only three of them. As soon as one idea cropped up, another pushed it out. I couldn’t focus and felt like things were slipping away from me. I was frustrated.

In What Next A Proactive Approach to Success (paperback or eBook) I have  a chapter called “Self-Diagnosis” which discusses the link between success and bipolar disorder. There is another form of bipolar disorder called hypomania which is defined as “a mood state characterized by persistent and pervasive elevated (euphoric) or irritable mood.”  Many successful people may share this elevated mood and for me it often leads to confusion, impatience, and frustration.

When I find myself in this state, I let it go, I don’t make any decisions (or try not to) so I don’t end up making a rushed decision that I’ll regret later. It’s kind of like sleep, when your mind is able to process the day and put it in order, I give myself time to let things settle.

I’ve had something on my mind and now I’m beginning to move forward. Tomorrow I’ll begin the process of blogging about my new plans. Stay tuned!

I have two questions for you. First, do you get that same feeling of confusion with lots of ideas and no place to put them? And second, what do you do about it? Please share in the comments section below.

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