Hit the red button!

NOTE: This post has been updated May 3, 2012 – original post date 8/11/11

Back when I was a videotape editor, hitting the red button meant you made an edit, copied audio and video from one tape to another. Hitting the red button was a commitment. Because it seemed so final, many editors would perform a preview edit, they could see what the outcome would be without actually recording it.

Old Edit KeyboardThe thing is that an edit wasn’t really permanent, it could be redone by recording new material over the old. Previewing the edit indicated a lack of confidence, that the editor didn’t trust their instincts.

There is no preview in life so a lot of people procrastinate, unwilling to hit the red button, afraid to make a commitment. Maybe you’re ready to send an important email and can’t bring yourself to hit send, or maybe you want to buy a stock but are so afraid of losing money that you watch it go up for days before finally deciding to buy (the opposite is true as well).Old Edit Keyboard 2

I just submitted my final manuscript for What Nextto the publisher! (Now available on Amazon) Was it ready? Was I ready? Every day I thought about making changes adding more or taking something out, but I didn’t. 

I was, and am, confident that it’s a good book with lots of valuable information and so I hit the red button!

When you need it the most, dig deep inside and find the source of your confidence and know that whatever you decided is correct at that moment.

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Climb a little higher

I have a picture of me on a hike that I never thought would be possible. Well it started as a hike but ended up being a climbing expedition. The reason I never would have thought the picture possible is that I’m afraid of heights. The image doesn’t show fear or concern, I look really happy, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m afraid of heights. My love of hiking and climbing and exploring outweighs my fear.

Whenever I’m on a hike or climb that takes me higher than a certain amount, the fear seems overwhelming. I feel like I don’t have control, that other forces, the wind, the sandy earth, will cause me to fall but I walk a little farther, climb a bit higher, and explore some more. What I find is that I can go higher if I just give myself some time to acclimate.
Climbing higher
The image you see here was possible only after climbing smaller heights with wider ledges. Once I was comfortable with that, I could climb higher using narrow ledges, and then finally, once my confidence was strong enough I could perch precariously on a rock no wider than my foot.

Making it to the top of that climb was awesome not just for the accomplishment, not just because I faced my fear, but because I was able to see something that would have remained hidden if I didn’t do those other things.

It’s Friday and the weekend is a great time to relax and decompress from the workweek but there’s also an opportunity to explore and to experience new things, to discover what you really enjoy about life. Have a great weekend!

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