Spreading Myself Thin

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

devils-fork-mdI’m not a fan of clichés but I was thinking about this one and had to put my thoughts down here.

I was thinking of this in the context of success (no surprise there) and thought I’d change the saying to “idle hands don’t create success.” So it’s not as elegant as the original phrase but it’s the core of my beliefs. Sitting around watching TV or going to a bar and complaining about your finances won’t do anything to improve your life or your future.

When I found myself with less to do, watching more TV and generally being bored, I launched my newest what next venture. I looked at the people I admired and imagined what their daily calendar looked like and compared it to what mine actually looked like.

I found that my calendar was…well I didn’t really have a calendar – I wasn’t busy enough. I have a calendar now and I’m starting to wonder if I have too much going on. If I compare it to my imaginary successful person the answer is no.

I like being busy but I’m not able (or maybe willing) to do all the things I want. This blog has suffered for it as I haven’t posted here in a long time. I haven’t kept up reading my favorite blogs or participating in my favorite Tweet Chats. I’ve had to set priorities and I’ve made some tough decisions. As some things get delegated I’ll be able to fill that time with other things like writing my sequel to What Next. I hope to be more active here and on Twitter but if I drop off of those platforms for a while you’ll know I’m just spread a little thin.

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A Little Busy

FrontPageOk so little is an understatement. I’ve been a lot busy! I’ve neglected my blog and the friends and communities that have supported me (I still feel their support and I thank them very much).

So let this serve as an explanation of why I’ve been distracted of late (more on that in a new post coming soon).


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