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When Your and You’re Are the Same

The proper use of your and you’re shouldn’t be that hard but I see mistakes all the time. Mixing these two words is a common pet peeve of writers and anyone who speaks English. So the title of this blog is enough to send school teachers, librarians, and writers into a tizzy. But I can explain!

My goal with this blog, with my book, is to get people to think about the future, to prepare for any possibility, and to find what truly excites them. Asking what next and working toward that goal is the path to success. But what is your goal?

Whatever it is, it’s your goal, you own it, and I want you to share it with me and with the world. In this section I will feature profiles of people who have asked what next and answered it with all the enthusiasm they could muster. If you are someone like that then you are what next or using the contraction, YOU’RE what next.

Refering to dreams and goals I write in the book that “if you do not let others in on the secret, then secret is what they will remain.” Alex Lee Wipf, the golfer turned restauranteur, shared the moment she was willing to let others in on the secret that golf, no matter how good she was, was not for her. “I don’t know when exactly it hit me, but I finally came to grips with reality and am willing to admit to the world…I don’t love golf,” Alex wrote in her journal.

Now it’s your turn! What is your secret that if others knew would help you to pursue your dreams and goals. Put it in writing for the world to see and then get to work making your dreams real!

By leaving a comment below you are taking the first step on a new journey. You are being proactive and letting others in on your secret. It’s OK to dream but dream out loud! Take the first step now.



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  • ALW says:

    I am so proud of you AJ! Congratulations! What’s next?! This is even better than my journal…

    A farm to table restaurant where food is grown in front of you, a bakery, cooking show, dressings, sauces, national and global brand recognition, cabin in the mountains, welding, creating recycled art, playing the saxaphone, forming a band, learning French, pilot’s license, traveling the world and leaving a lasting positive impact on the planet. How about you???

    All the best to you and Julie and much love!


    • AJ says:

      Thanks Alex,

      I should have known a What Next from you would be bold and ambitious. Bon chance avec l’edutier de francais! That’s my best effort. As for me promote the book like crazy!

      You’re the best!

  • Marie Swift says:

    Hi AJ, What a great book! Thanks for sending me an advance copy. Here’s something you might want to check out – could tie in nicely to what you are exploring re “What’s Next”. This young man asked himself just that as he recovered from falling 40 feet from an apartment building. Now he is walking across America, alone, to raise awareness of MS. He is in month 5 of his 6 month trek. He ends up in San Diego approximately Nov 13. Maybe you can fly out and meet him? Interview him for your book or ongoing blog? Bring a few friends from any news outlets you know. Hope you are happy and well! – Marie Swift

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