If you don’t see a path branching off from the trail you’re on then you will never explore beyond the familiar or comfortable. What next is about curiosity and other people’s ideas, other people’s interests, are often interesting to me. I hope you’ll find that the links below lead to places of interest for you and just might become your what next. is much more than a company website and blog, it is a community with an inspiring and educational Tweetchat called #BeALeader. The #BeALeader tweetchat takes place Thursday evenings at 7pm ET. Take part and share your skills while picking up tips, advice, and inspiration from strong leaders. At the helm of GingerConsulting is Jen Olney a leader I derive much benefit from.

LeadWithGiants.comLead with Giants is brought to you by Dan Forbes a leader I met on the #BeALeader tweetchat and I’m glad I did. His insights are always right on target. Dan writes about leadershiplife-lessonsand business. Dan is also a financial advisor and if you know anything about my background, you know I’m an advocate of proper financial planning so Dan has that on his side.

I read the book The Coffee House Investor years ago and it changed the way I approach investing and has made a huge difference. I love their tag line: “Helping investors build wealth, ignore wall street, and get on with their lives.”




TED Ideas Worth SpreadingTheir logo says it all. has an amazing collection of speeches given by the smartest, most inspirational people I’ve ever seen. You can (and probably should) spend a whole day watching one video after another. If after watching a video or two, you don’t want to conquer the world, you might want to check your pulse.

Finding My Muchness is a site to help people realize that in spite of difficult circumstances, there are moments of joy and happiness each day. The cornerstone of this site is the 30 Days of Muchness Challenge where visitors take a photo of something that made them happy each day. Here’s the link to my 30 Days of Muchness Challenge. is a valuable source of information I wish was around twenty or more years ago. Mixergy conducts interviews of entrepreneurs and gives courses by entrepreneurs as a resource for viewers to learn from those that went before them. I have personally watched only two videos as I’m writing this and both not only energized me, but they also changed the way I work, leading to a measurable difference. I was fortunate to meet Andrew Warner the founder of Mixergy at an event he hosted in NY. Read my blog post about it.

Kahn AcademyThe Khan Academy has a vast, and I mean VAST, collection of videos where you can “learn almost anything for free.” Once school is over the real learning begins and this is a great resource. Like TED I have spent way too long watching videos on a wide range of subjects.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade hosts a show on CNBC and CNBC World called Til Debt Do Us Part. It is a real education to see how much debt and financial trouble people get themselves in. Watch just a few episodes and change the way you think about spending and debt. Gail’s website is also an excellent resource.

This was my first attempt at a blog for my first book. If You Want To Be Rich Don’t Buy This Book wasn’t my best work – I don’t recommend it – but I do think the blog has some good points. I don’t have plans to add to it but it might be worth checking out.



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  • Hello fellow campaigner! As a member of the nonfiction group (otherwise known as #53), I wanted you to know I will be featuring you on my blog during the campaign period. Every Friday from 9/23 through 10/28, I will feature several of the writers from our group. This will include a link to your site (the same link you used when joining the campaign) as well as an excerpt from your About Me page. Be sure to check my blog to see when you are featured. I will be going through the list in order.

    You can visit my blog at

    I look forward to getting to know you and your work, and helping others get to know you as well!

    Happy Campaigning!
    Elizabeth Flora Ross

    P.s. Your CONTACT ME button does not work.

    • AJ says:

      Thanks Elizabeth! And thanks for the info on the contact me page. I look forward to following your progress with you new book and the blog.

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