If You Can’t Beat Them…

Well it’s official and Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. As the saying goes: if you can’t beat them join them.

  • I’m going to call myself a patriot but won’t care if a foreign country interferes with our election, won’t trust the CIA or FBI.
  • I’ll wave the flag but not believe in the necessity of government.
  • I’ll call myself a Christian but won’t give a second thought to the less fortunate.
  • I will believe in individual responsibility but blame everyone else for my problems.
  • I’ll hate big government and taxes but will cry foul if bridges and roads are falling apart and the police aren’t paid well enough.
  • I’ll call myself a capitalist but be incensed when a drug company raises their prices.
  • I’ll demand my rights but want to take rights from others.
  • I will demand respect but not give it.
  • I’ll value the second amendment but not the first.
  • I’ll make alegations and offer no proof.
  • I’ll decry some people’s conflicts of interest but ignore other’s.
  • I’ll blame environmentalists for over-regulation but complain when air is polluted and water isn’t safe to drink.
  • I’ll do all this because I’m smart, smarter than scientists, smarter than generals, smarter than Nobel laureates.


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