Find the Truth

Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.The title of this was going to be a bit longer so here it is: Find the Truth in Lies, Untruths, and Exaggerations.

I’ve always had a basic understanding of this but lately I’ve taken this more seriously and have been putting it into action. It all began with a new hire gone bad.

I was hiring a new employee and my manager had conducted the interview. My wife and business partner conducted a second interview and we offered her the position. She accepted but had some concerns about some details which we thought we had resolved. The day she was to begin work, she said she could not abide by the conditions and quit, leaving us to scramble to fill her appointments. I felt this was very unprofessional.

I called to find out what happened and was accused of handling the situation poorly and to my shock  she called me unprofessional. The tables were turned and that made me mad. She had beaten me to it, calling me unprofessional before I could call her that!

After the phone call ended I began to think and saw some truth to her statement. I could have handled things better. We can improve our hiring process. We can communicate better. Was I unprofessional? No, but there was truth in her exaggeration. In spite of her unprofessionalism, there was some truth to her accusation.

That’s when the A-Ha moment occurred. No matter how wrong a person is about you or your actions there is always some truth to be found. By looking at it that way everything, every interaction is a learning experience. Now when someone accuses me of something or criticizes me, I let myself get angry and upset, but then I step back and find the truth. It’s a liberating experience.

Are you willing to find truth through the lies, untruths, and exaggerations in your life?

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