The Empty Trailer

2013 That SuckedSeveral years ago I saw a t-shirt with the year followed by the words, well that sucked. That’s how I feel about 2013.

I’m generally an optimistic person but this past year saw me return to depths I haven’t seen in decades. Although I don’t usually put much emphasis on dreams and dream interpretation, not long ago, just after the new year, I restlessly struggled between sleep and wakefulness as I wrestled with a particularly odd dream.

I love being on the water and my father was an avid boater and fisherman. Once I became old enough and financially secure enough, I too bought a boat of my own. Several years ago I upgraded to a larger boat. In the dream I was transporting the boat, something very valuable to me,  from its summer location to home, something I don’t do but this was a dream and we do things in dreams we don’t usually do in real life.Empty Trailer

The problem in this dream was that when I got to my destination I was towing an empty trailer, the boat was gone. Where did it go? I was frantic thinking of the consequences. Did it hurt someone? Did I cause an accident? That’s how I feel about 2013.

2013 fell off the trailer for me, meaning I didn’t secure it well enough, I didn’t check the safety chains and the tiedowns. It was a bumpy ride and the boat, my life, my sense of stability, was ejected. Did I hurt someone? Did I cause problems for others?

I am returning to the old optimistic me but if I don’t secure myself better this year, I might pull into 2015 with another empty trailer.

What are some things you would suggest, for me or yourself, to secure your boat this year? How are you protecting yourself from being ejected?

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  • nancy boan says:

    As long as we are doing our level best, we haven’t failed. Sometimes in spite of our best efforts, things to not work out the way we planned or wished.

    Someone once told me we learn from everything and everything we do has a purpose. Sometimes we have to switch course…..this doesn’t indicate failure, just a realization that there is always more than one road to take to get where you are going.

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