Everything Sucks

Sounds bad doesn’t it? Well it’s not really.

Everything sucks sometimes. I’ve always had an idealized vision of what owning a business was like but each venture has had aspects that I’d rather not deal with, difficulties that make me question whether I made a mistake. Obviously I’ve made the determination that, not only was each project worth it, but I was willing to do it again.

Starting a business is not easy and I think I’ve made it clear that nothing really is, nothing worth having, that is. I’m sure that when I complain, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and depressed, there are people who say, “I wish I had what he had.” When I hear people complain about school or work or personal problems I often think they don’t know how good they really have it.

jobcorpsI saw a bit of graffiti the other day at the train station I use to commute to work that said “Job Corps Sucks.” I wrote about Job Corps in What Next, using it as an example of how someone with few options can still make the decision to do something to improve their future. Job Corps, a vocational training program run by the department of labor, can be a step up toward success. I’m sure it’s not easy sometimes but success requires hard work.

I’ve said “this sucks” a lot recently as the pressure built the closer we got to opening our latest what next, a day spa. I’ve put aside personal time to devote to the business working a full day at my “regular” job and then staying past closing at the spa. Weekends? They’re still a break since I only have to work one job on Saturday and Sunday. Julie is doing the same.

This won’t last forever (though it feels like it will) but it is the choice I’ve made to insure success. I hope the person who wrote that graffiti stays at job corps, gets past whatever is causing trouble now, because the end result will be worth it.

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