Juggling Act

The JugglerI never took up juggling as a hobby (0r profession) and I’d never win a talent contest for my juggling skills. How about you?

Well the reality is that we’re all jugglers and some of us are very good at it. We all juggle career and family, work and fun, responsibility and play, needs and wants, to name a few.

Some of us add items to juggle until we have too much to handle and something has to hit the floor. I’m not there yet but it is getting harder and harder to keep all the balls in the air. My latest What Next has added a level of complexity to my juggling act like juggling three tennis balls and adding a bowling ball – that’s hard. What makes the juggling act of our lives even harder is when people, businesses, partners, and strangers alike, take or add items to our already busy performance.

I believe people can handle more than they think. Juggling life takes practice and must be managed, controlled to the extent we can. If we gradually increase the amount of items and the difficulty of them, we can become quite skillful, even expert at juggling. If we practice flexibility we’ll be able to handle the items that are thrown into the mix, and if we have confidence we’ll know that dropping one ball doesn’t mean all the other balls hit the floor too. We all drop the ball once in a while but the show goes on and we recover and hopefully even excel.

I remember seeing an amazing juggling performance many years ago, long before YouTube, and after a quick search I found the guy I saw all those years ago has done a TED talk. His name is Michael Moschen and the video below is fantastic. Watch it, but not as a lesson on juggling physical things, apply this to juggling the demands of life.

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