Whose Priority Are You?

Not Their PriorityYou are not their priority. I don’t know who they are but trust me, they don’t care. I don’t mean that they dislike you or want you to fail but I’m sure there are a lot of people vying for their attention. Your most important priority is you, not someone else, so why would you expect any different from anyone else? What you need to do is take responsibility for your success and make them (whoever they are)  want to put you at the top of their priority list.

No need to be annoying or make a nuisance of yourself. On the contrary you want to make it easy for them to work on your project or issue. Here’s an exampleTheir Priority

I’m not at all a commercial real estate expert, I’m a novice. As I look for commercial space for my latest What Next (this is the most information I’ve revealed about it thus far) I was a bit frustrated by the lack of depth in my designee’s  choices and so I began doing whatever I could to find alternatives, to increase my options. I drove around looking at places where I shopped, places that were close to major roads, places that had well known national tenants. I also went online and searched commercial real estate web sites. I don’t know if any of these locations will end up being the place I choose, but by presenting these specific options to the experts, I know they have a clear path to take on my behalf.

Think of this in terms of your job. You might want your manager to help you get a promotion especially since you’re such a good employee but you are not their priority. They probably manage more than just you and each person wants their attention. So what can you do? Make yourself indispensable, be the Linchpin as Seth Godin would say, and demonstrate your value rather than tell them how valuable you are. Does that mean more work for you? Yes but success takes work.

Taking this idea and applying it more widely I’d say it’s important to offer some assistance, some value, to anyone you’re asking for help. By making their job easier you make it more likely that they will go the extra mile for you because you’ve given them a head start.

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  • Lainey says:

    Sorry to hear about the lack of help by your representative. This is the very thing that I am to change that’s why I went into the real estate business. However, each person is different of course. There are people who enter this business just for money not thinking that money will come if they prioritize the right stuff – just like in any business.

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