You Complicate Me

Jerry McGuireIn the movie Jerry Maguire, Jerry says “You complete me” (I never saw the movie but you couldn’t escape that phrase at the time). You complete me meant they were a perfect match, the missing part that each needed. If Julie and I had a similar statement I’m sure she would say “You complicate me.”

Living with someone who asks what next, a builder who is looking for progress, a person who is never satisfied with the status quo, can’t be easy. I hear this statement, usually asked as a question, quite a lot, “Why do you want to complicate our lives?” Julie asks.

When you only have one choice, no options, life may be easy but I’m sure that it’s not very interesting. One thing I can say is that my life is very interesting and I hope Julie says the same. As we consider a new option on the hike of life, a new challenge, a new complication, I know that we will approach it as we do all major decisions, together.

More important than taking on the challenge together is our belief in research. By asking the right questions, the hard questions, by asking all the questions, no matter how obvious, stupid, or hard, you are setting yourself up for success. Sometimes people get frustrated with our level of scrutiny but I don’t mind.

Whatever decision you’re making, whatever you do, don’t stop asking questions until you’re completely satisfied that all options have been fully explored. It’s only complicated if you don’t plan.

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  • I agree. Easy would be boring. Most of us like challenges, adventures, learning. But I imagine, with the right person to share it with, that all those adventures are a little easier and a lot more fun! Keep exploring!

    • AJ says:

      You’re rare I think because a lot of people in my life wonder why I don’t take it easy. Because, like you, I say it’s boring. Julie is a great balance for me and that makes the process frustrating sometimes but always (so far) leads to success. I’ll stay curious and keep exploring. And you?

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