Dream Crushers

They mean well, the people who crush our dreams. They don’t want to hurt us or demoralize us or depress us, they want to help us, protect us, and save us from our destructive fantasies.Dream

Whether true or just perceived on my part, I have lived my entire life having dreams crushed. Sometimes the naysayers come right out and tell you an idea is crazy, that it will never work, that the risk is simply too big. I think the worst way to have a dream crushed is through silence. Successful people aren’t successful in spite of other people, they are successful because of other people, because of the support and encouragement they receive. When that support is lacking dreams wither and die.

Stop being a dream crusher by offering support for the dreamers in your life. Don’t let them slide with easy answers, hold them accountable, but let them know you’re there and that you care.

Dream Builders

Seek out people who will support you, who will encourage you, who believe in you and build you up. Avoid those that don’t. My problem has been finding the dream builders in real life. I have found wonderful supportive people on Twitter, people like @gingerconsult @Mark_Delvecchio @Simon_GB @MartinaMcGowan and so many more. I find myself spending more time there because of that support and encouragement, the very things I don’t get from the people closest to me. (I can write that because I know they don’t read this blog).


On balance I am very happy with the way things have turned out. Whether the support was there or not I have done many things that I dreamed of and succeeded. I wrote two books and the positive feedback I’ve received makes up for all the silence (thankfully no negative feedback yet).

No matter what I’ll keep dreaming, keep asking what next and if the support is there – great. If I can’t find the support, I know that next time I’ll be stronger for having carried the weight myself.

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