ChangeMy latest newsletter The What Next Trail-Map to Success is out and the topic this week is change. I used this image for the newsletter and started to think of the link between actual change, coins, and change in our lives.

I like change, both the physical coin type and change in life. Each day I put the coins I’ve gotten into a jar and once it’s full I cash it in. It usually takes two to three years to fill up the jar. Not all change is immediate. My pockets fill up first, then I add to the jar. The growth I see as the money rises to the top is satisfying because I know I’m making progress. Change can be measured.

Some change is small, pennies for example, or the decision to dress better for work. Some change is a bit larger like a nickle or dime, decisions that bring you closer to your goal a little more quickly. Then there are the big changes, the quarters of life, the decision to leave your job or to start a business. These are the changes I like but as I’ve pointed out many times in my book and in previous posts, this is the change most people think is crazy or too risky.

Every once in a while I’ll get a dollar coin. I’m never quite sure what to do with those. Do I put them in the jar and wait until I cash it in? It would sure make the total higher if I did that. Maybe I’ll hold onto that and use it since it’s a fairly large amount, why wait? I do both, sometimes I put the dollar coins in the jar sometimes I keep   them. I don’t need change for change sake, I rather the change serve a purpose and that’s my goal in life.

I’m in the process of investigating a change, a big one, and as I’ve noted, Julie isn’t really on board yet. Julie handles her coin change differently, choosing to spend it rather than using bills and getting more change. And there we have the difference I want more change and she doesn’t.

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