A New Journey to Next?

Fast ForwardWhat Next? I ask myself that a lot – too much, says my wife. It’s like I’m in fast forward when she wants to pause. Where is the balance between my constantly asking what next and Julie wanting to stop. Does asking what next mean you have to come up with an answer?

Most of the time I’ve asked What Next the answer was nothing. That’s ok.  The journey is what matters, not the destination and the more twists and turns you can take, the better in my opinion. Curves aheadThe perspective you get, the views you see, the people you meet along the way make it all worthwhile.

Over the years I talked a lot but did very little. I suppose others may see it differently since I’ve purchased two rental properties, designed many websites, passed the Certified Financial Planner exam, helped my wife with her soap business, wrote two books, and advanced in my career.

What haven’t I done? I didn’t buy that restaurant I wanted to. I didn’t open a burger franchise called The Counter. I also never owned the other franchises I talked about including Smoothie King, MotoPhoto, and The UPS Store.  I never actually made the transition into financial planning either.

The reason I never did those things is because they weren’t right at the time. I looked, investigated, pondered, and researched but those things were not compelling enough to actually do. Quite often I wasn’t willing to give up what I had for the chance at what I didn’t. To some people, all that searching seems crazy, like I’m unstable and have no focus. To others I’m afraid, too scared to take the next step and follow through with any of that research.

Both are right in some ways. I’ll always be searching for what next because motion excites me. I’m also afraid to make the move sometimes. When I decide to act I go with full force. The decision to buy my second rental property, from idea to purchase, took only a few months and was really decided upon in one week.

I’m in the process of evaluating another What Next opportunity. Julie is making me work hard to prove that it’s a good idea and that’s crucial to our success. If I can answer her questions and she gives it a green light I’ll know it’s worth it.

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