Success is Resilient


SadDisappointment is temporary, success is resilient. I had to tell myself that and other things many times yesterday before they stuck, before I believed them. First I had to let the emotions that were inside out (a heavy bag helped), let them be free so I could be free.

What happened? I was passed over for a promotion I wanted, one that I, and everyone who knew me, thought I’d be perfect for. I had the support of the previous holder of that position who had moved up himself and yet when the decision was made it wasn’t me.

I write in What Next that “Your own idea of a route to a place you’ve never been is rarely accurate.” I thought I knew the way my career would progress and this job was the next logical destination. Then bam! A roadblock, a detour.

I can complain, I can be angry, I can feel rejected but none of those things change the situation. I have to not only take my own advice but live it – otherwise I’m a fraud. I have to ask What Next because what next is all I have.

I’m all for living in the moment but sometimes the moment sucks and it’s up to me to change it.

The good news is that each time I’ve asked what next before has prepared me for this moment because I have options. I have options that people who never ask what next don’t have. I have the ability to make a rash decision and quit but that’s not the what next way. The what next way stays on the current path until a new path is prepared. I may stay on the current path even after venturing onto a new path or maybe I’ll make a clean break.

After I got the news about the promotion I went for a long walk in Central Park and by the end my pace had increased from a slow lumbering walk to a confident stride and I was smiling because disappointment is temporary but success is resilient.

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  • Dear AJ. You alluded to something yesterday and i was glad we ralleid in support. I have been there, left reeling when I expected to be celebrating.

    I applaud your taking a breath, looking forward, and questionning, “What’s Next?” In fact, I celebrate your bravery and your strength to carry on and persevere.

    Whatever comes, you’ll be ready for it. And we’ll be right here with you. : )

    • AJ says:

      Thank you Shelley. The support I receive from all my Twitter friends is amazing, inspiring, surprising and above all appreciated. I appreciate you and the time you take for the community (I mean that in the broadest sense of the word).

  • ArleneVancour says:

    The LORD created Jacob and formed Israel. This is what the LORD say, Do not be afraid, because i have reclaimed you.I have called you by name you are mine. When you go through the sea i am with you. When you go through rivers, they will not sweep you away Amen

  • Marie says:

    “Disappointment is temporary but success is resilient”

    Love this! Words to live by and repeate to one’s self in times when things don’t happen as we anticipated or expected 🙂

  • Samuel says:

    AJ, I really enjoyed this post. I love your writing style as I can connect with it very easily. It’s nice to share with someone who has very similar view on the way to approach life.

    Talk soon!

    • AJ says:

      Thank you very much Samuel I really appreciate your comment, friendship, and connection. What I really like is that you say I have a “similar view on the way to approach life.” I often feel like I’m alone in that respect so I’m glad there is someone who’s as crazy as I am ;). Thanks and congratulations on the beta launch of your very important and beneficial new venture, I wish you and Jessa all the best with a resource I wish I had when I was in college.

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