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I’ve said before that I don’t like clichés and I’m not alone. My friends Jen @gingerconsult and Monika @healingmuse share that feeling. Monika lamented that so many people use clichés on Twitter and I replied with my agreement.

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It reminded me of a post Jen wrote on the subject and I tweeted that to Monika.

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This is yet another example of the interaction available on twitter (I’ve written about that too).

But this post isn’t really about clichés, it’s about money. There are lots of clichés when it comes to money and while clichés have some truth to them they are often incomplete. A perfect example of this is the statement “money is the root of all evil.” It’s true that money, the desire for money, the greed associated with money, leads people to do bad things but money is also the root of self-confidence, independence, and security.

Another twitter friend @EmpowrdAmerican wrote a post about this very subject with this tweet announcing it.

While they admit that a lot of people think they would talk about politics with a name like Empowered American, they actually spend a lot of time on the subject of money. Though many people like to say money isn’t important, as my friends at Empowered American point out, “money opens the doors for opportunity.” You need not be greedy to want financial security, independence, nice things, and a certain level of comfort. With the popularity of so many financial experts such as Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman, I think there are a lot of people who agree.

While many people want the benefits of money, the security and independence, almost as many aren’t willing to make the choices necessary. The choices, the sacrifices, shouldn’t be difficult but so many of us make them difficult because we’re unwilling to forego instant gratification. Look at the cars people drive and how often they get new cars.

People also tend to wish for a big windfall rather than doing the work necessary for a steady progress toward wealth. That’s why so many people put their faith in things other than themselves like the lottery.

I’m planning on retiring very early (whatever retirement means from someone who asks What Next) and tomorrow I’m going to introduce you to someone who reached that goal. At the risk of you not reading the post, you won’t hear about any trick or full proof system, you’ll see that smart decisions and living below your means (not buying fancy cars and huge houses) can get you to the finish line much faster than you ever imagined.

So what is money to you? Fill in the blank in the comments area below “Money is the root of…” 


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  • Emelia Sam says:

    Agreed. I do love quotes, but ones that have a depth of wisdom and aren’t overused. If you don’t have original thoughts, there is much work to be done… You’re so right about a lot of cliches being incomplete and this is a perfect example. I have never believed that money is the root of all evil.

    Money is the root of financial freedom. Nothing more. Nothing less. All the negatives that have been attached to it aren’t warranted. The only thing that money does is reveal the character that already exists.

    • AJ says:

      Emelia – thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I truly appreciate it. You are so eloquent saying that money reveals “the character that already exists.” Thank you for that. Your perspective is refreshing.

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