Is Your Life an Adventure?

What Next is a mindset that moves you forward to achieve success. Three traits – curiosity, a sense of adventure, and a willingness to take risk, are essential for success. I talk a lot about the value of curiosity but it is the second characteristic, a sense of adventure, that brings action to curiosity.

I’ve written about the incredible social engagement on twitter through “tweetchats.” In last night’s tweetchat called #UBUSensations run by @TaraMarkus the topic was adventure. It was perfect for me and I found out that a lot of people I respect also put a high value on adventure.

Ted Turner SailingTo see that adventure is a necessary trait for success look no further than a young Ted Turner Richard Bransonwho won the America’s Cup sailing race, or Richard Branson who has attempted and holds many world records.

Tara asked the group (which anyone can join by adding the hashtag #UBUSensations to their tweet) why adventure stories are so interesting. Bill said he “always enjoys the journey and twists.” Jen noted that, “There are ups, downs and always twists and turns that take you by surprise.” I said, “adventure stories stoke our own sense of adventure and give us something to strive for.”

Things really got going with the second question: “How does a sense of adventure benefit us in life?”

Jen got it when she said, “Life is about the journey not so much the destination.” Tara showed a clear benefit saying “When we set out on adventures we take risks, we learn about ourselves and we grow from the inside out.” Along that line Mark said that by being adventurous, “we can accept and expect the unexpected.” Gerry added that adventure “keeps us curious, active, and young.”

Bill really brings out the value in having a sense of adventure by saying “People who are open to new adventures create new visions and create new possibilities.” Possibilities are missing from someone who rather sit on the sofa watching TV. I brought the idea of discovery into the conversation saying adventure “leads us to explore. Through exploration we find what others miss.”

I love that fact that Maria used a variation of “what next” in her answer saying, “A sense of Adventure keeps us in the state of what’s next, stepping out into the unknown with a purpose to live.” Purpose in life is what a lot of people are missing. Too many people just coast through life without a clear purpose or goal but not the group assembled for this chat. Again Tara is succinct pointing out that “Adventurous people don’t settle for mediocrity.” Are you settling for mediocrity?

People with a sense of adventure see opportunity where others don’t and Jen is right to say “We see each day as a new Sunrisebeginning, new chapter in our story and wake up to possibilities of what lies ahead.” I was really energized being around so many people who thought like me. It was invigorating.

The conversation then turned to business and Mark said that his “whole business is an experiment in what’s possible – the adventure keeps me coming back for more!” That is what next thinking in a nutshell and it is what allowed Richard Branson to branch out from magazines to music to airlines and now space travel.

A sense of adventure is accompanied by other traits such as boldness, courage, faith, tenacity, enthusiasm, optimism, and flexibility, as each participant added their related trait. And again I was happy to see that someone used a hiking metaphor which I often use. Tara said, “Adventure people don’t worry about going off courseOn Trail because every pathway leads somewhere. “ That captures the exploration and flexibility I talk about throughout What Next.

With the fifth question we explored the crucial link between entrepreneurs and a sense of adventure and Bill noted that, “Entrepreneurs and adventure seekers tend to live outside of the box most people are content to live within.” Most people who are content to coast rather than seek out their own adventure. Of course I agreed with Bill saying, “Entrepreneurs and adventure seekers share the need to push farther, explore deeper, create a path for others to follow.” Shelly was the most direct pointing out that “Entrepreneurs are adventure seekers.”

I would never have found such a diverse and interesting group of people if I wasn’t adventurous enough to explore the benefits of Twitter. Are you willing to follow the lead of the participants of #UBUSensations and embrace your inner adventurer? I’ll end this post with a question from the chat that Tara asked us; “What Life or Business Adventure would, for you, be an inspiring, heart pounding blast?” Do share!


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