I Failed – Congratulate Me

I am now very comfortable with the statement, “I have failed.” When I first wrote that sentence it was “my book is a failure” but it’s not the book’s problem that I haven’t met my sales goal, you know, millions of copies. It is true, however, that I can only blame myself since I’m responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing.No Sales

I set out to do an impossible task, write and sell a book about success. Why is it impossible when it’s been done before? Because no one knows how successful I am, or might not consider my success good enough, and I can’t exactly give everyone specifics. The people who are successful with books like this are wildly rich, famous, or both and I am neither.

I’m really glad I’ve failed because that means I did something worthy. Anyone can set an easy goal and reach it, but where’s the satisfaction? When I tell people I wrote a book they’re usually impressed (I don’t do anything to discourage that). Writing the book is an accomplishment and just because I feel like a failure now, doesn’t mean I will forever. I’m still working hard to get the message out, to spread the word about What Next, the concept and the book.

On March 9th I wrote a blog post about Morgan Spurlock’s new show on Yahoo! called The Failure Club. Well I am the only member in my failure club and like the people featured on the show, I am attempting something big, something important to me. Are you? Are you pushing yourself, challenging yourself to do great things? Why not? If you’re afraid, that’s ok, so was I, but I did it anyway.

In the second episode of Failure Club Spurlock says, what you’re trying to accomplish “should be  something almost ultimately unattainable…because by going after something that is so far reaching, what you do accomplish is going to be life changing.”

Too many people take the safe route, they go downhill instead of uphill because it’s easier but they never truly know themselves. I have been through highs and lows with this book and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Yes, I failed but I’ve learned so much and I’ll keep going until I succeed. How about you?


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