Navigating the Wilderness


Whoever says they have the answer isn’t thinking big enough. THE answer implies there is only one way, one answer. There are more options than you can imagine to every question. This idea is why I hate books with titles like “The Eight Steps to…” or “The Six Secrets of…” Some people may need nine steps to complete what you do in eight, someone else could do it in seven easier steps. How does that make you look Mr. Eight Steps?

The idea of secrets is just stupid. There are no secrets. Everything can be discovered, nothing is being guarded, protected like a secret would be, it just may not be out in the open. I often say “discovery comes when you look in places not easily seen” not because there’s some secret out there but because digging around, exploring, is how you learn, how you uncover answers.

I keep coming back to this one trait that successful people share because I think it’s the most important; curiosity. I also come back to curiosity because I believe this is the one trait that is the easiest to develop. Can success be taught? No, but the traits that successful people share can be, leaving the rest up to you.

Try to learn something new every day, discover a new website, research an historic figure, take the long way home. If there’s a problem you’re dealing with write down as many possible solutions as you can and then investigate which one would work best. There are so many options that no one person can claim to have THE answer. You’ll find the answer that works best for you through curiosity and discovery.

I often feel lost in a wilderness of knowledge that I can’t access. When I realize that I just have to spend a little time and energy looking for the solution, I find it. It’s like when I hike in the actual wilderness, usually in the desert, and take the route that most interests me. Sometimes that’s high on a ridge and other times it’s in a valley, but each offers a unique perspective and that’s all I need sometimes, a different perspective.

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