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Whether you are beginning your working life or are looking for a change, you have more choices than you realize. Choice is not an either-or proposition, however. You can decide to go to work for an established company, a big corporation, or you could set your own path, be your own boss. You could also do both if you want to.

Not too long ago I went to an event at a bar in NY organized by Andrew Warner of The event was a mixer (of course) where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs got a chance to talk and share ideas. I met a guy who just recently (six months ago) joined the workforce after graduating college. The thing that was interesting, though, is that he was already anxious for more. He was looking for his what next. The experience he was getting was valuable but he wanted to create something. There is no reason he can’t do both, continue getting great experience while creating something new.

Being at the event was a step in the right direction but to be an entrepreneur, he also needs to be a leader. He needs to be able to get others to follow him, to believe in his mission as much or more than he does himself.

He is like a hiker setting off on a trail others have been down before. Anyone can be a hiker but a leader is a trail guide who knows their way. In this case, only the entrepreneur with the idea, the sense of direction, can lead their team of hikers.

Entering a palm oasis

Leading the way.

Is it enough to simply declare yourself a leader, the trail guide? No. You have to demonstrate why you should lead, you have to give as much as you get. The authority is not yours to claim but is earned as your enthusiasm and belief in the project lights the fire of those you want to lead to success.

Now get out there and explore the trail so you can be an effective guide.

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  • Lolly Daskal says:

    I believe that we are leaders, what kind of leader we are …that is up to the individual.

    Every leader, every entrepreneur, has the privilege of finding out what their gifts are live it to their fullest potential and sharing it with others…So if there are followers are not…. is not a big concern of mine. The only followers that anyone should ever be concerned with are the soul and heart because if they follow the rest will all fall into place.

    Lolly Daskal
    Lead From Within

    • AJ says:

      Lolly – thanks for the comment. I should use the word collaborator rather than follower. As an entrepreneur it is very difficult to do everything on your own. You need partners, collaborators, who support you. As the leader it is still your vision that sets the direction but the others help you carry the project to completion. Thank you for your insights.

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