Comfortable Complainers


The breaking point. The breaking pointSome people think they’ve reached it but no, they go on, complaining all the way. You know the person I’m talking about, the person who is so negative that they bring everyone else down with them. They hate their job, maybe hate their life, complain about their husband or wife, their family and friends. They never have a good thing to say and yet they do nothing about it.

If they really aren’t happy, if they are as miserable as they say, why don’t they do something about it? Why not find a new job? Why not get out of that bad marriage?

Those choices are reasonable but the fact is that these complainers are comfortable, unwilling to change in spite of their constant grumbling. These are the people who are surprised by a change they should have made on their own. When they lose the job they supposedly hated, they’re devastated, labeling the company as unfair or stupid.

Don’t be a comfortable complainer. Take action when things aren’t going your way. Change the situation or change your attitude, the choice is yours, but you have to change something if you want anyone to take you seriously, to continue wanting to be around you.

Is there anything you are unhappy about, want to change, but are more comfortable than you’re willing to admit? How are you going to change the situation? 

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