The Success Rule Book

I’d like to get my hands on one of these (if one exists) because I don’t seem to understand the rules. What makes someone successful? More importantly, what makes others view someone as successful?

Having written a book about success you’d think I know! But I’m out of sync with most people on this.

What most people think of when they hear the word success is wealth and to some extent that’s correct. But I can live for a very long time, in a very comfortable way, on a fraction of what a truly wealthy person has. It’s about perspective and relativity. Still, people look to the outlandishly rich and to the famous for examples of success. Surely a person who has earned 300 million dollars during their career must be a success but Mike Tyson really doesn’t have much to show for it. More recently Nicolas Cage has had serious money problems but is he a success? Both of these guys are incredibly successful in some aspects and not so much in others.

Success is about happiness, about accomplishing your goals, not someone else’s. This means that a mechanic fixing luxury cars can be as successful as the people who pay him for his expertise. The mechanic certainly doesn’t have an equivalent sized bank account but so what? If that’s your only measure of success then I feel sorry for you.

I have seen the example of the mechanic in the life of my father. My father was a professional firefighter for 30 years, in a large city, rising to the rank of captain at a young age while also running his own small residential heating repair company. He loved both jobs. When he retired from the fire department he devoted himself full time to his heating company, growing to service and install large commercial systems in post offices, apartment buildings, and large companies. None of these jobs made him rich, though he was comfortable, enjoying the summer home at the Jersey shore he worked so hard to afford. He taught me about success because whatever he set out to achieve he did. He may not have wanted to grow his heating company into a multi-million dollar business but that’s ok. Maybe someone else would have but their goal was not my father’s.

When people ask me what my book is about and I tell them “Success” very few ask me why, why and how am I qualified to write a book about success? But those are the very questions they should ask for it will open their eyes to a much different perspective. Sure, money and wealth have their role, and though it has taken me time to get to this point (less than many people), if I were to lose my job tomorrow I wouldn’t be scared or worried. How many people do you know who can say that? I have achieved the things I set out to do and now I turn my attention to new goals. Regardless of what happens next I’ve been a success and that can not be taken away from me or from you.

Where are you a success? What have you done that you are proud of? Can’t think of anything then start working toward your goals and don’t stop until you achieve success.

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