Adding Color

It was way back in June 1999 that construction on our house was completed. Julie and I were anxious to move in after designing it and watching it go from a hole in the ground to a home. We had to make some financial choices during construction so we wouldn’t go over budget but they were minor. One choice was putting linoleum in the entrance hall and kitchen rather than tile. This would be temporary we told ourselves (and it was if you consider 11 years and counting temporary). Another money saving decision was to not paint the living room and halls. Julie preferred white walls and we simply couldn’t agree on a color.

I like bold colors but Julie is much more conservative and likes very light colors when forced to choose. I began to see what the problem was when I decided it was time to paint our bedroom. Julie actually likes colors, even bold colors, but lacks the confidence to choose them. When presented with a choice she almost always goes with the lighter color. Once I convince her to try the bolder color, however, she usually likes it on the walls.

We’ve recently (finally after 11 years) painted the halls in the house. The entrance hall has gone from white (with lots of marks from years of abuse) to a deep and dark color we describe as charcoal green. The upstairs hallway was a bit more of a battle but is now a deep, not very vibrant, yellow/orange/brown. The kitchen got a new color a lighter green with hints of blue and gray using the same color that’s in the upstairs hall for trim. The dining room was also updated to a brown color. The half bath downstairs is the same color as the upstairs hall with one accent wall and the trim the same as the downstairs hall.

Downstairs Hall Upstairs Hall Bathroom

A painting frenzy has completely transformed the house and it feels new again.

Sometimes that’s all you need in life is a little color, a fairly simple change that can renew your enthusiasm for something that felt old or stale. Look around, look inward, and ask What Next. What small change can you make that will have a huge impact? This isn’t a New Year resolution, it’s a New You resolution – now make it real.

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  • Nancy Boan says:

    I agree. Sometimes all we need is a new “look” which can lead to a new “outlook”. Change can be difficult for some of us who get comfortable with the status quo and hesitate to move out of it. By making a change in a small way, we find that it can lead to other changes and impact our lives in a positive way.

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