It’s resolution time so what are your New Year Resolutions? Will you keep them or will they simply be forgotten until next year?


I never really had a New Year Resolutions because I felt they would get in the way of my many New Day Resolutions, the ideas, schemes, and plans for success that I have every day.

Whether you have a New Year Resolution or a New Day Resolution I think the difficulty of keeping them lies in having enough resolve. You may make the resolution but do you have the resolve to follow through? Willpower isn’t enough if the goal is too large, too daunting. The resolve to complete a task is aided by breaking it down to smaller parts. Resolving to better handle your finances is too broad, too nebulous for success. Resolve to track your spending on a daily basis so you know where your money is going, now that’s specific enough for success. I’m currently struggling with this very thing. I want to attract more people to my blog and sell more books but how am I going about it? Right now my only resolution is to be better at marketing but what exactly does that mean?

Rather than looking to market myself and my book better, I’m coming up with specific goals such as contacting college clubs and groups that might be interested in having me as a guest speaker, as one example. Applying this to some common resolutions, instead of saying I resolve to quit smoking, someone might say I’m going to track exactly how many cigarettes I smoke and resolve to reduce that number by 10 per cent every week until I stop. That’s specific and measurable enough for success.

Fitness and exercise are very common New Year Resolutions. One technique I’ve used to make sure I exercise more often is what I call the five minute rule. I may not want to exercise but I promise myself I’ll do something, run or ride my bike, for at least five minutes. If, after those five minutes, I still want to skip the exercise I will, but that rarely ever happens.

Asking what next is one way to keep the resolutions coming all year long. Now that you have the tools to make your resolutions a reality (by making them specific and manageable) you can add resolutions all year long. In other words you can continue asking What Next every day.

So I’ll end by asking the same question I began with; what are your New Year Resolutions? Do share!

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