Spending Vs. Budgeting

An important part of success is money. I’m not saying that we all need to be millionaires but managing your finances is an important part of success. Many people struggle with their finances because they either underestimate the difficulty, thinking it’s so easy to manage their money that they end up getting into trouble, or they overestimate the difficulty of their finances, thinking it’s too hard to figure out, and also end up getting into trouble.

The real problem with managing your finances is simply knowing where your money is going. It’s not a budgeting problem, it’s a tracking problem. If you know where your money’s going you’ll be able to see in what areas you’re spending too much, what areas that need to be reigned in. If you aren’t keeping track of your spending you’ll just wonder why you don’t have enough, you’ll wonder where all your money’s going.

The video below has been permanently added to my video page. More will follow.

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