Proof: Curiosity Necessary for Success

A central theme in What Next is that curiosity plays a large role in success but what did I base that on, what made me so sure? My own curiosity has led me to explore various hobbies and businesses and the people I look up to as examples of success all followed multiple paths as well.

I look for validation and confirmation of my ideas and yesterday I read an article by Christopher Bergland on that did just that. Mr. Bergland, a world class endurance athlete, writes “Recent psychological studies have confirmed that staying curious is not only the key to maintaining a sense of wonder and appreciation for life – it is the key to your success.” I concur!

In his article, Mr. Bergland points out that conscientiousness also plays a big role in determining a person’s likelihood of success. “The combined personality traits of being curious and conscientious were found to be more important than intelligence in predicting success,” writes Bergland.

Sophie von Stumm an author of a recent study on the subject of curiosity and conscientiousness says “”Curiosity is basically a hunger for exploration.” This is very similar to the hiking analogy I use throughout What Next. The curiosity that leads you to venture off the main trail can often lead to new discoveries, discoveries that would have remained hidden if you weren’t curious enough to explore. Of course sometimes those detours take you nowhere but nothing ventured nothing gained as they say.

Exploring the desert

Exploring what’s ahead

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