Dead end

I say in the book that “discovery comes when you look in places not easily seen” and my justification for that is all the cool things I discover hiking. When I go “off trail” I usually find interesting things such as views I would not have found on the main trail or a waterfall not mentioned in the guide books.

I do most of my hiking on vacation and yesterday Julie and I were on a hike that started in a wash (as many hikes do). Washes are sandy areas that can have running water during heavy rains. When they are dry they are difficult to walk in because your every step sinks into the sand. Sometimes we’ll try to stay to the edge of the wash where the sand is, well, less sandy. On today’s hike we stayed so far off the wash that we ended up going off course. We figured as much but continued on expecting to find a shortcut or maybe something better.

In one sense you can say we did find something better. What we found was the kind of hiking we really enjoy, rock scrambling. Rock scrambling is when you have to climb over rocks rather than just walk on a trail. The farther we went the larger the obstacles became and the higher we climbed. Convinced we were heading in the right direction we pushed on.

At some point we started to doubt if we would end up where we wanted to but still we continued, the promise of something wonderful propelling us forward. Finally the decision had to be made that going further was futile. We turned around and made our way back.

Here we are (thanks to my less than stellar photoshop skills) having lunch in the shade, the much needed shade, after deciding that this particular side trip wasn’t leading anywhere.

That’s what being curious is about sometimes. It was nice to explore and we did have fun but it really didn’t lead anywhere. That doesn’t mean that it won’t the next time. Not every side trip leads to something amazing but never trying always leads nowhere.

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