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I’m not sure how to categorize What Next. Is it a motivational book? Self-help? Is it financial in nature?

It’s all those things and, I hope, more. This forces me to very reluctantly admit that I must be in a group of people I don’t particularly like – the motivational/self-help author/speaker.

Why don’t I like them? The main reason is that I think they are heavy on catch phrases but light on substance. I say that about others and in the next breath I use my own pithy little quotes meant to get you thinking, to spark some action.

I think the difference between me and them is that I don’t try to make connections just to make connections. Life is not like a box of chocolates, it’s just life. Google “life is like quotes” and you’ll see some pretty ridiculous things such as “life is like a turtle. You won’t get far unless you stick your neck out.” No, you won’t get far because turtles are really slow!

A motivational author/speaker can get a traffic ticket and find the answer to the world’s problems! Sorry, it was just a traffic ticket.

And yet there’s some truth,something poignant, in each quote, in each story, no matter how ridiculous. I guess there’s no hope for me – I’m one of them after all.

Let’s embrace our inner-motivator! Comment below with what you think life is like. Be creative.

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  • cb says:

    its, them and i — and the turtle won the race he beat the hare cause he just kept forging ahead ,, pretty intresting though,,

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