The Why Behind the What

So my book, my blog, my life is what next. It’s a concept, a mindset. I’m curious, adventurous, a risk taker but I’m not foolish. I’m deliberate. I research. The thing that people wonder about me, and people who are always searching for what next, is why? Why are we never satisfied?

The why can’t really be explained although I spend 150 or so pages trying to do it in the book (paperback or eBook). The reason the why can’t be explained is that it has to be felt. What and how can be explained but why is trickier.

I literally stumbled upon this video with Simon Sinek from TED. In the video he says “sometimes you can give somebody all the facts and the figures and they say ‘I know what all the facts and the details say but it just doesn’t feel right.'” Simon points out that the part of the brain that controls decision making is separate from the part that controls language. So no amount of words, of explanation, will make you feel what I feel.

My decision to ask what next, my decision to do something crazy like write a book comes from my being, my emotion, an inner drive, my gut. I can then use data to justify the action but the initial idea, the why behind the what, often can’t be explained but it can be felt.

That’s why you do what you love with such passion. What Next is the search for what you love, the feeling that will move you to action.

Watch the video yourself and let me know what you think.

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