Climb a little higher

I have a picture of me on a hike that I never thought would be possible. Well it started as a hike but ended up being a climbing expedition. The reason I never would have thought the picture possible is that I’m afraid of heights. The image doesn’t show fear or concern, I look really happy, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m afraid of heights. My love of hiking and climbing and exploring outweighs my fear.

Whenever I’m on a hike or climb that takes me higher than a certain amount, the fear seems overwhelming. I feel like I don’t have control, that other forces, the wind, the sandy earth, will cause me to fall but I walk a little farther, climb a bit higher, and explore some more. What I find is that I can go higher if I just give myself some time to acclimate.
Climbing higher
The image you see here was possible only after climbing smaller heights with wider ledges. Once I was comfortable with that, I could climb higher using narrow ledges, and then finally, once my confidence was strong enough I could perch precariously on a rock no wider than my foot.

Making it to the top of that climb was awesome not just for the accomplishment, not just because I faced my fear, but because I was able to see something that would have remained hidden if I didn’t do those other things.

It’s Friday and the weekend is a great time to relax and decompress from the workweek but there’s also an opportunity to explore and to experience new things, to discover what you really enjoy about life. Have a great weekend!

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