Be Curious

One common trait among successful people is curiosity but I believe a lot of people are not curious enough.

My day job at a television network has been as an instructor teaching the various levels of staff to use new technology. From cameras to satellite transmission, technology has made everything more interactive, more computer-like. A common theme I see among the students however is a lack of experimentation, a lack of curiosity.

Sony Z5uTake the example of a camera that has several variables controlling exposure, the brightness of the image. I see students change one variable and, when they don’t get the desired effect, they often stop or give up. There are other options but instead of trying them out, instead of experimenting, they simply stop.

My innate curiosity leads me to touch and change more things than I probably should but that’s not a bad thing. Experimentation is necessary for learning especially in a classroom setting and yet so many of the students are unwilling to risk messing up that they never get it right.

I see a lot of people in life who are afraid to try new things to take a risk. An entrepreneur you meet in my book, Scott Loughmiller, says that people often “see massive risk where there is only moderate, and no risk where there is a significant amount.” Most people are poor risk managers.

Successful people take risks but manage them so that one mistake doesn’t derail the whole project. Successful people are curious and touch all the buttons and change all the dials in an effort to understand and to learn. So be curious! That risk isn’t as big as you think!

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  • Madolyn Smith says:

    What next for me was being a single, devorced female, haveing raised 4 sucessful children, going back to Colege at age 62, and recieving my Masters degree.Cannot wair ro read the book! Madolyn

    • AJ says:

      That’s right Madolyn! You and my mother are my role models for success. To be great moms is one thing, to do it on your own with FOUR kids, is something else entirely. What a woman!

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