I’m Crazy – So What!

It’s only crazy until it works. That’s the title of the second chapter in my book, What Next A Proactive Approach to Success, and it’s fitting since, for me, writing a book seems, well, crazy – who the hell am I – what makes me qualified to write a book?

The fact is that we are all qualified to do whatever we want as long as we recognize that success can’t be gained overnight, that it takes work (lots of work), and that you really, REALLY have to want it.

Deep down I’m embarrassed to tell people about the book. There’s a little voice in my head telling me “you’re nobody, how are you going to convince them that this book, the idea of “what next” is a good idea? You have nothing to offer!”

If I really want it though, I have to overcome that fear, that embarrassment and be willing to tell everyone I meet about this project. Well that’s exactly what I’ve started to do.

Yes it seems crazy that I’ve written a book but it’s only crazy until it works!

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